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Quadruped Services

Pet Sitting
If you’re like us, planning extended time away from home and your furry friends can be worrisome and stressful. The questions nag at you. Who will take care of my pets? Will they be lonely while I’m gone? What about security for my home? Will the mailbox overflow? Will all my plants die?!!

What you need is peace of mind. What you need…is Quadruped’s Pet Sitting Service.

We specialize in providing top-notch care for your pets and home while you’re away. We provide drop-in services up to three times daily that include walks, play, and feeding for all your pets—dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, three-toed sloths…you name it! We’re experts. Dogs can join our playgroup while you’re away, which provides them with plenty of exercise, entertainment and social time to ease their any anxiety they may have in your absence. Best of all, things remain very much the same as when you’re home. We follow even the most complicated regimens to an exacting standard, and can even accommodate special needs such as insulin injections at no extra cost. In addition, we’re happy to collect your mail and newspapers, water your plants and take out your garbage. It’s all included. If you wish, we can adjust your lights and blinds on morning and evening visits, providing you with an extra measure of security while you’re away. And of course, we’re always in close contact to notify you if anything needs to be brought to your attention, or if you simply want an update on how your much your friends miss you!  We think you’ll find that our service makes your vacation that much more enjoyable and eases your mind on business trips so that you can concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Contact us to give our service a try! We bet you’ll wonder what you ever did without us.


Dog Walking

Quadruped Playgroups
Do you have a pent-up pooch? Is Rex ripping up the rug? Is Max mutilating the mantle? Maybe a little exercise and social time are just what the doctor ordered. And for good, old-fashioned playtime, nothing beats a Quadruped Playgroup. It’s pure off-leash fun at some of the best parks in the Bay Area: Point Isabel, Sibley, Chabot, Alameda and Redwood. We take up to six dogs at a time for a full hour of trail hiking, water play or ball and frisbee fetch-and-catch. All of our dogs are friendly…no aggressive dogs allowed. Our transport is always secure: we’ve got cool trucks with specially-outfitted shells that have plenty of room for dogs who can’t wait to get to the park! We walk five days a week, mornings and afternoons, so there’s always a time available that suits your needs. If your dog needs to get out during the day to “use the facilities”, we can guarantee that he/she will be out during the middle of the day, ensuring that they never have too many hours to wait while you’re at work.

For those of you who have a young dog or new puppy, these groups can make a world of difference in your life. (Many of our clients will attest to this). Early socialization is key to developing doggie minds; it helps your friend become more confident and relaxed both outdoors and at home, and significantly reduces problem behaviors such as furniture chewing and indoor urinating that can stem from anxiety and lack of a regular routine. Whether your dog is walked one day a week or five, the time spent in our Playgroups will become the highlight of his week!

Individual Walks
OK, so what if your dog is a bit on the nippy side, or takes off for the Upper Yukon Territory every time you unleash her? Well, we can help there, too. Quadruped’s individual walks are on-leash walks conducted in your neighborhood, for a duration of either 30 or 60 minutes. We’ll make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise while staying on his or her best behavior. Treats are included, and we won’t let them pee on your neighbor’s new lawn.

Pet Taxi
Can’t take time out of your workday to take Fido to the vet or the groomer’s? Let Quadruped help with our Pet Taxi Service. We’ll pick up your pet at your home, take them to their appointment and make sure they get checked in. If need be, we can even wait in the office while services are performed (hourly fees apply). After their appointment is over, we’ll take them back, along with any paperwork generated by the visit. It’s that easy.

For more information about all our services please see our policy.